People behind Stellar Labs

Experts in learning and technology

Jaan Couvreur

Senior Learning Specialist

Jaan is Senior Learning Specialist at Stellar Labs.

He joined us to lead and support our Learning Architects and will be leading client and internal projects. Alongside his talented colleagues, Jaan will design and deliver training that transfers to the workplace!

He has been working in the wonderous world of Learning & Development for the past 15 years, because he believes that ‘the ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage for all companies!’

Combining a large experience as key account manager for large national and international companies and his learning consultancy experience and skills, he is a dedicated and inspiring sparring partner for companies and clients.

As learning consultant, he designed and managed numerous in-house (blended) development learning solutions, mainly on topics as personal development, sales, customer centricity and leadership... always with that creativity spice added to the blend!

A curious mind with a keen focus on people and a burning passion for the learning craftmanship and science…

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