People behind Stellar Labs

Experts in learning and technology

Karen Mouws

Learning Architect

Karen is a Learning Architect at Stellar Labs, helping to create and innovate our learning programmes. She holds a Masters degree in Educational Sciences, which she combines with a strong passion for digital technology, the perfect blend for professional training.

She is fascinated by user experience, service design and the influence of graphic design on learning, aiming to always create the best learning experience possible. Her belief is that investing in modern, evidence-based learning solutions is one of the major ways for both professionals and companies to grow.

Both at work and in her free time, Karen is always happy to discuss inclusion, digital learning and creativity. When she is not building courses or delivering training, you can find her teaching workshops on learning to code for children and teens.

Karen’s superpower is curiosity. Throw any topic or technology at her and she will be taking on your challenge with an abundance of enthusiasm. She borrows her life motto from Pippi Longstocking and Astrid Lindgren: “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

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