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Dr. Steven Poelmans

Professor Neuroscience & Leadership | Antwerp Management School

Steven Poelmans is Professor of Neuroscience and Strategic Leadership. His research and consulting mainly focuses on the link between employee wellbeing and productivity, flexible work arrangements, cultural intelligence, coaching, and brain resilience, mostly from a neuroscience or cross-cultural perspective. Author or editor of 6 books on organizational wellbeing and performance. He has co-authored / edited five academic books with Cambridge University Press, Palgrave, Edward Elgar, McGraw-Hill, and Routledge.

He has trained or coached executives in companies like Aga Khan Development Network, Banco Santander, Codorniu, Danone, Deutsche Bank, European Investment Bank, IMF, Google, Nestlé, Nike, Novartis and more.

He leads the Melexis Endowed Chair of High Performance Organizations and the NeuroTrainingLab.

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