Callum Clark

Head of AI

Callum is a Machine Learning Engineer with a passion for using AI to improve the learning world. He recommends and writes approaches and algorithms for specific learning tasks across the learning journey spectrum, from learning analysis to spaced practice.

Callum spends his time applying the cutting edge of Natural Language Processing into the world of Learning and Development and is passionate about getting the power of AI into real world tools that can help provide the best value to our customers. Has implemented many NLP tasks in L&D, including automated summarization, semantic comparison of student answers in open text questions, question answering systems for training courses, entity extraction and content curation.

He has written and designed AI for content creation tools. Wrote the algorithms behind WildFire Learning, an AI powered training content generation tool. Has spent the last few years working on large language models and their applications in learning.

He has also presented at conferences on AI (Computer Vision) and in Moscow at Edcrunch (Using Chatbots for learning)

When he’s not training Machine Learning Models, Callum is in the Dojang training in ITF Taekwon-Do where he holds a IV Dan Blackbelt and represented the English National Taekwon-Do Team for many years.