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Keep pace with your business's L&D demands. Design, build and adapt learning journeys in record time, and have confidence in your impact.

Draft in minutes

Generate outcome-focused learning journeys from any skill.
We combine the latest AI, finely tuned prompts and the neuroscience of learning to structure your journey 10x faster.

Save more time with smart question
suggestions based on your learning content.

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Align on objectives

Fast-track objective creation with recommended behavioural outcomes. Get buy-in from stakeholders in record time.

Collaborate with your team and key
stakeholders for a smoother design process.

Go beyond content

Build knowledge and skills that stick, using our neuroscience-backed GEAR model for learning, to take people from knowing – to doing.

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Get tips and recommendations on how
you can optimise your design.

Refine easily

Edit your learning content and structure using a simple visual editor, with bite sized steps to avoid cognitive overload.

Use AI-suggested images, shortcuts and
embedded objects to finalise your design faster.

Launch to your learners

Manage and deliver your learning journey in your LMS by exporting it as a SCORM file.

Deliver via Stellar Labs to best support learners
to transfer knowledge and skills to the job

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