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Our evidence-based learning methodology

We know what makes the difference between good and great
Our approach is people centred and pragmatic. Whilst we’re evidence-based, we’re not evidence-bound. We balance operational constraints to offer practical solutions that focus on impact, results and return on investment.

Fuelled by neuroscience

Knowing how brains (and bodies) make new connections means learning and training can be designed to work with, not against our natural processes.

Our methodology and our platform have been designed with neuroscience at the heart, enabling you to design brain-friendly learning that delivers results.

Our co-founder, Stella Collins wrote the best-selling book, "Neuroscience for Learning & Development". Download a chapter for free.

The DNA of a mature Learning Culture

Successful organisations have mature learning cultures and recognise the value of effective learning integrated in the flow of work. They are people-focused, pragmatic, evidence-based and able to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

At Stellar Labs we believe that the DNA for a mature learning culture consists of 5 interconnected strands: People, Science, Process, Technology, Data.

Our evidence-based model for learning

The GEAR Model

Most training programmes focus on sharing knowledge. That’s great – but not enough to build skills and truly get better at your job. Following our evidence-based approach to learning design, you'll also support learners to experiment, apply and retain knowledge and skills.

Our platform has been built to support the GEAR model of learning. It will help you design and deliver learning journeys that take people confidently from knowing - to doing.

Stellar Labs GEAR model ghost white


Guide learners through key knowledge and concepts, challenging them to discover and explore information. This is where a lot of learning begins and ends - but to change behaviours you need to go further...


Give learners an opportunity to test and embed knowledge, and practice new skills in a safe environment.


The real learning transfer happens back at work. Encourage learners to apply their new skills in the real world, supporting them along the way.


Make sure new knowledge and skills stick for the long term - this is where your investment in learning pays off.

Dive deeper

Online programme for L&D

Get under the hood of our evidence-based learning design process and apply it to your journeys to take people from knowing – to doing.

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Standing on the shoulders of giants​

Relentless research, practical experience and many years on the front line of learning and business: that's the secret to our methodology. But we don't stop there. To build on our knowledge and expertise to bring you relevant, science-based learning that works, we collaborate with industry leading experts.

Stella Collins

Our co-founder is author of 'Neuroscience for Learning and Development'. She's an international speaker, podcaster and has over 20 years of experience applying brain-friendly learning for organisations around the globe.

Advisory Board

We have experts from business, technology, behavioural and learning science in our advisory board. We regularly consult with them for insights, the latest research and feedback.

Research Partners

On learning analytics with the University of Antwerp aims to support learner success and organisational return on investment. A second project aims to identify behavioural design techniques optimised by AI.

Build business-critical skills, not just knowledge.

Talk to us about how our learning transfer platform and consultancy services can help.

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