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Supercharge your business

Make organizational impact with truly effective learning, with the help of our evidence-based learning specialists.

Incite Change

To future-proof your business, you need to incite change in your people.
Evidence-based learning is the most effective way to create this behavioural change.

The most successful, high-performing organizations know that an effective learning culture underpins resilient people and businesses.

So whether you're trying to combat the skills gap crisis, drive performance or ensure continuous development, now is the time to take action. And Stellar Labs are here to help.

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The future of business

Businesses in the US spent $82.5 billion on training in 2020. But only 12% of learners apply the skills from a training programme on the job. This results in a huge waste of not only money, but time, for organizations. And that's where evidence-based learning steps in.

Evidence-based learning boosts retention, engagement and work-based application. By rethinking your approach to training, you put your learners in the driver's seat, and create programmes that change behaviours and ensure mastery.

To do this, you need a thorough understanding of how learning at work really happens. Our consultancy provides a launchpad to incite change with a blueprint and evidence-based approach to building an effective learning culture. We will help you create real behavioural change in your people and future-proof your business.

L&D Challenges

Learning Clinics

Are you looking to revolutionize your learning, but need a little hands-on help? Stellar Labs are here to develop your internal L&D team. Learning clinics ensure your team become masters in evidence-based learning.

External L&D team

At Stellar Labs we have a team of expert Learning Specialists who can work with your organisation to bring your learning to life. Think of us as your external, brain-friendly L&D team. What more could you want? Contact us if you'd like to discuss outsourcing your L&D.

Learning Audits

Our learning audit will help you analyses, benchmark and grow your learning culture. Our detailed report on your organization's existing learning culture will give you actionable advice on how you can make your learning more effective. Learn more here.

Why Stellar Labs?

We have created a hybrid methodology that underpins everything we do at Stellar Labs. We use cutting edge, evidence-based techniques to get results - every time. We know what makes the difference between good and great learning, and we’re ready to show you how.

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants, including our incredible advisory board, our research partners, the Institute of Training & Occupational Learning and the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness.

Companies that trust us

We're helping the world's best known brands drive performance and beat the skills gap.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve adopted multiple learning tools and platforms. Can you help us to integrate them into our strategy?

Our Learning Technologists and Learning Specialists love to analyse your existing ecosystem, strategy, needs, budget and expectations for ROI. We’ll advise on an optimal companywide learning strategy and an accompanying roadmap with the most suitable learning ecosystem. You’ll consolidate, save costs and increase your effectiveness.

We’re migrating from classroom training to a blended approach. Can Stellar Labs help with our transformation?

Absolutely, we are experts in this domain and we can help you transform your learning to a blended solution that is suitable and most effective for your organisation and/or audience.

Can Stellar Labs help to upskill our internal team?

At Stellar Labs we prioritise empowering our clients to become more effective learning professionals. Our learning specialists can help your team develop the skills they need to become evidence-based learning practitioners themselves, and ensure your organisation benefits from an effective learning culture, way into the future. No matter how we engage with your organisation, we always operate with trust and share our expertise generously.

We are struggling to boost learner engagement. Can Stellar Labs help?

Poor learner engagement is a challenge faced by organisations worldwide. However a multitude of issues can cause unengaged learners. At Stellar Labs, we work with you to get to the root of the problem and can help you develop strategies, tactics and programmes to turn the tide and boost learner engagement in your organisation.

We aren’t seeing a return on investment from our learning tech stack. How can Stellar Labs help?

We understand the struggle of L&D departments with new platforms, content and technology. Whether you have just implemented a new LMS or LXP, or have developed new content that isn’t garnering the attention it deserves, we can help. Our Learning Specialists and Technologists have extensive expertise in working with a broad range of LMS, LXPs and learning platforms and can help analyse and diagnose where your problems are arising.

We are only starting and making small steps to become a more effective learning organisation. Can Stellar Labs help us on this journey?

We love working at any level of learning maturity, and we believe that small steps can garner big results. We can work with you to define quick-wins and long-term plans to ensure you become a more effective learning organisation, quickly and efficiently.

Are you ready to take people from knowing – to doing?

Structure an outcome focused learning journey in minutes. Launch in days.

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