Raf Seymus

Co-founder & CEO

Raf Seymus is an entrepreneur with a passion for learning, talent development and technology. He founded Exellys, the Belgian Tech Talent Incubator in 2014 and sold it in 2019 as a successful and multi award winning company with over 170 employees, a turnover of 12 million, serving 45 renowned clients.

Raf has a background in educational sciences and has coached and trained more than 400 people in the last 15 years and interviewed over 3000 young professionals with a BSc, MSc or PhD in IT, engineering or science.

Throughout his career Raf has gained in-depth expertise by enriching talent through coaching, hands-on training, deep learning and practical experience. He is now fully dedicating his experience as entrepreneur and his passion for learning and development for Stellar Labs.

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