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Stellar Labs accelerates business for Nvision

Boosting training efficiency and client engagement with Stellar Labs’ innovative AI solution
Sumant Khare
Principal Consultant & Director 

Expert consultancy

Haryana, India

Customer since 2023

Training and coaching

Their challenge

Nvision, led by Sumant Khare, is a learning and development firm specializing in coaching skills, from leadership to psychology, using personal growth and neuroscience techniques to enhance professional and personal development.

Nvision wanted to generate learning programmes faster to address client needs quickly and tap into neuroplasticity to make learning more effective and sticky.

The platfom impact

The quick program creation process enables Nvision to respond to customer queries with a tailored example within 24 hours.

The platform's ability to build real-life scenarios, spaced repetition and practice exercises from behaviour-based content increases the impact of learning for clients.

Enhanced reputation because they can easily implement a neuroscience based learning approach for their customers.

After trying out Stellar Labs for a couple of days, I was genuinely fascinated. I simply inputted behaviours, the AI features break them down and instantly create a course. It provides concise, digestible material and exercises based on spaced repetition. I feel like a kid playing with a new toy.

Sumant Khare

Principal Consultant & Director








Hours for avg.
journey design

Advocate user

Nvision is very pleased with the service from Stellar Labs, and appreciates their feedback was implemented and how attentively their needs were listened to. Sumant had particularly positive interactions with the Stellar Labs team, who were prompt and open to suggestions. Nvision will definitely continue to use and evangelise about Stellar Labs.

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