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Need new knowledge, behaviours and skills to stick? We help you do more than share learning content – so you can follow through for impact.

From knowing
to doing

Beat the forgetting curve with spaced repetition, and help learners apply new skills in the workplace with work-based actions.

Get people to practice skills in a safe environment. Take them through contextual scenarios with the help of AI in Stellar Labs.

Boost engagement

Organisational support for learning is key. Invite mentor colleagues to guide and support learners, keeping them motivated and on track.

Let learners choose their own path based on their level of expertise and help them learn at their own pace.

Distraction-free learning

Manage learners and invite them into a focused learning experience, with a clean and simple interface.

Interact with your learners through our comments feature.

Keep track of results

Get a high-level overview of programme engagement, and dive in for individual results and more detailed insights.

Our AI-generated learning journeys recommend regular survey check-ins to understand how learners feel about their progress and the learning experience.

Get on board with us

Structure an outcome focused learning journey in minutes. Launch in days.

Stellar labs learning transfer platform interface