Funding round with WinWinner! We are looking for crowdfunding!

Would you like to be an ambassador and grow with Stellar Labs? We are looking for funding to fuel our growth. Join the learning revolution!

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Funding round with WinWinner! We are looking for crowdfunding!
September 6, 2022
Funding round with WinWinner! We are looking for crowdfunding!

Would you like to be an ambassador for Stellar Labs? We are looking for funding to fuel our growth.

Invest now!


Watch Stella’s video or read on …

Where are we now? 

Our mission is to unlock employee potential and eliminate the skills gap by championing evidence-based up-skilling. We’re already doing this with international companies like IKEA, HPE, Atlas Copco, ETEX, KBC, Barco and ASML.

We have doubled our growth (+100%) each year since 2019 and this is just the start. We already

  • shifted from being a services company to a learning technology company.
  • have an expert team of specialists who are building the world’s first AI-enabled upskilling platform fuelled by neuroscience.
  • started pilot programmes with Proximus, Vinted, Bridgethorne and Krauthammer.

We are poised to take the next step.

Why invest in Stellar Labs

Because you’re investing in the future of people at work, plus Stellar Labs is a trusted market leader with:

  • First AI-driven platform & Mobile App
  • Proven evidence-based methodology
  • Hyper scaling with an experienced team
  • Growing international customer base
  • Senior team with 50+ years of expertise
  • Fast growth

What the investment do we need?

To realise our ambitions, we are looking for €500,000 in crowd financing. We work closely with WinWinner, a specialist online crowdlending platform.

Update 13 October 2022

We raised our minimum target amount! With €160,500 in funding raised, the campaign has already succeeded.

Maximum amount from 500k to 350k.
How this happened? During this crowd-lending campaign, Stellar Labs raised an additional €150,000 in convertible loans, lowering the minimum target amount to €100,000. The maximum target amount was adjusted to €350,000.

Crowdlending is a form of alternative financing for entrepreneurs to raise finance from individual investors like you who loan money for a fixed period with an annual rate of return. You can start investing from as little as €500 and up to €500.000.

Your support will fund:

  • The product and development team for a year to accelerate the platform to full market readiness
  • Marketing campaigns to drive sales.

Healthy funding mix

At Stellar Labs, we already collected €2 million with a healthy mix of bank loans, founder investment, VLAIO subsidies, and Business Angels. We are looking for 500k with our crowdlending adventure to top it off and that’s why we need you!

How can you invest

You can invest in two ways:


On Wednesday 28/9 at 12:15pm we held a webinar via Livestorm with Winwinner.

Our CEO, Raf Seymus talked about the potential of Stellar Labs, how you can invest and your expected return.

He also answered questions such as:

  • To what extent is the methodology applicable to all or specific target groups? Or can it be (easily) adapted to the target group?
  • To what extent is the Neuroscience research you mentioned a differentiator vs. the competition (L&D platforms)?
  • Has there been a funding round through Angel Investors? What was the result?

Listen in to hear how Raf and Sam answered these questions and more.

(Because the crowdlending is limited to Belgium the webinar is in Dutch).

Have we whet your appetite? You will find all the detailed information you need here:

Please contact us if you’ve got more questions.

PS: At present, 97.5% of all loans granted through WinWinner are fully repaid!

PPS: Be aware that investing also involves risks

PPPS: This is only for Belgian residents. But you won’t lose out if you’re not from Belgium because we have other funding options available.

Contact us now.

Thank you for considering investing in Stellar Labs. Join the learning revolution!

Feel free to share this campaign with other people who are interested in investing too.

The Stellar Labs team

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