Learning experiences of the future: A Stellar Labs Webinar

What do we mean when we talk about Learning experiences of the future?

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Learning experiences of the future: A Stellar Labs Webinar
January 21, 2021
Learning experiences of the future: A Stellar Labs Webinar

Yesterday was a fantastic day for Stellar Labs, as our Chief Learning Officer & Founder Stella Collins and our Learning Specialist Tina Harris welcomed participants from all over the world to our live webinar on Learning Experiences of the Future. Considering where you are in your learning journey as an individual or organisation was key to setting the scene and tone for our session and we explored various factors that help you future proof yourself and your organisation.

What do we mean when we talk about Learning experiences of the future?

Everything is changing rapidly in the workplace and with the skills gap growing, it is vital for us to start doing, thinking and behaving differently at work. This was reflected through the thoughts of our participants, with 42% saying the future of L&D in their organisation will rely more heavily on digital and blended learning.

Despite this shift in how we plan to enhance the skills of our people, training stays a top agenda item for organisations worldwide. Kornferry predicts that by 2030, there will be a global talent shortage of more than 85 million people.This gives L&D professionals a tough task to undertake. So how can adapting and improving the learning experience help us fill this skill gap? We strongly believe that learning culture and the way we shape this within our organisation will be the key to upskill our people and ensure our organisations thrive.

Building a learning culture that drives performance

At Stellar Labs, our founders Stella Collins and Raf Seymus , our view of the future is reflected in our ‘DNA’ which has 5 crucial elements that we know will future proof learning culture for organisations:

  • People: Of course, people are at the heart of training – and to prepare them for a fast changing future they need to learn to learn
  • Science: Focus more on brain friendly ways to motivate, build long term memory and create habits as a process rather than relying on learning events with short term results.
  • Process: Simplifying your process to make it consistent and shareable. Constantly adjust and improve this as you implement it. Here at Stellar Labs we adapt the MASTER model to design and deliver effective training whatever the platform.
  • Technology: Ensuring interactions with technology are meaningful, measurable and motivating, ensuring you are led by the learning needs – not the technology available.  
  • Data: Using a platform that will allow you to capture data to support and enhance your learning journey. Ensuring your learners master the skill at hand.

How to be part of the change

We asked our participants what elements of our DNA they would use first to kick start their journey to future proofing your learning and one attendee perfectly encapsulated our thoughts on the importance of technology that works in harmony with learning processes by saying ‘It’s the people first, not the tech’.

A pivotal aspect of this change is taking action and beginning to implement these 5 DNA elements into your thinking and behaviour. Both Stella and Tina delved into these elements in detail, and if you want to listen to the recording of the webinar, to hear their thoughts first hand, you can do so here.


At Stellar Labs, we have carefully crafted some programmes to help you on your journey to better learning and adapting your work culture to the learning experiences of tomorrow:

Learning Agility: Conscious Learning Programme

This programme will give you the life-long skill of learning.  In this programme you will explore practical tools and techniques to:

  • Bust common learning myths and instead use proven learning strategies
  • Upskill and reskill more rapidly
  • Stay motivated when you hit bumps in the road
  • Deal effectively with information overload
  • Learn to form habits more easily
  • Future proof your career

Train Smarter Programme

This programme is aimed at trainers, L&D people, subject matter experts who help others to learn and you’ll find out how to:

  • Fully engage learners brains whatever the topic
  • Use a robust model to deliver behaviour change
  • Motivate and engage people digitally and face to face
  • Promote long term memory
  • Ensure skills are applied in the workplace – not left in the classroom

To learn more about our training programmes, click here.

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