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Product Update: AI-boosted Learning Journey Creation

With Stellar Labs’ latest platform updates, you can now create clear learning objectives faster using AI, use a neuroscience-fuelled learning journey template and auto-generate quiz questions.

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Product Update: AI-boosted Learning Journey Creation
May 15, 2023
Product Update: AI-boosted Learning Journey Creation

Product Update: AI-boosted Learning Journey Creation

There have been some major updates to the Stellar Labs platform in recent months - and some upcoming releases we are beyond excited about.

We’d been working on AI powered features, and then along came Chat-GTP and blew our minds. Our latest releases have harnessed Chat-GTP to speed up transfer-optimised journey creation. And, the best is yet to come (very soon!).

Here’s a quick round-up of our latest and greatest updates:

Align on clear learning objectives, faster, with the help of AI

Articulating the designed outcomes of training, and aligning with stakeholders on these can be hard.

Rather than starting with a blank page, our AI powered tool will suggest transfer objectives (the behaviours that your learners should be able to demonstrate after completing a journey) based on your audience and the skill you want to help them develop . Use these as a starting point for discussion, edit and add your own until so that your objectives are crystal clear and relevant to your context.

Design for transfer with our neuroscience-fuelled template

Now, when you create a new journey in Stellar Labs, you can start from scratch or use our evidence-based template. This follows our GEAR model (Guide, Experiment, Apply, Retain), and is focused on transferring knowledge into skills on the job.

Even more exciting, is our AI-generated courses tool - coming soon! Want a sneak preview? Request a free AI-generated course.

AI-boosted Learning Journey Creation

Auto generate quiz questions based on your content

Thanks again to the power of AI, you can speed up your design process by selecting quiz questions that have been auto-generated from content you’ve created in Stellar Labs, your own resources or publicly available websites. You can of course still edit them, and add your own.

Up next: AI-generated courses

Our mission is to elevate workplace learning, using neuroscience to take people from knowing - to doing. Designing learning journeys that transfer learning can be hard, so we’re making it easy for you.

We’ve fed our AI with the key principles of neuroscience for learning, you’ll be able to tell it what you need and it will design whole learning journeys for you with the ingredients for learning transfer baked in.

Watch this space…and if you can’t wait then request a free AI-generated course to test out!

Are you ready to see your learning theory come to life?

Structure an outcome focused learning journey in minutes. Launch in days.

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