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Design for Learning Transfer

Want to help people develop skills, not just knowledge? Discover an evidence-based learning design process and apply it to your journeys to take people from knowing – to doing.

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L&D professionals, Subject Matter Experts

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Approx 7 hours, self-paced

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Blended asynchronous learning + one group coaching clinic

The Stellar Labs framework make’s sure you don't just teach what you know but also transfer knowledge and apply learning.

Patrick Coomans
Tsundoku Ventures

The programme

Boost the impact of your learning programmes. You’ll discover how to design journeys that help people transfer learning and apply new knowledge and skills to the job.

You’ll also experience it! As you progress, you’ll notice how we have applied key strategies to this programme.

On this programme you will:

  • Explore the neuroscience and psychology of learning transfer
  • Discover the principles of the GEAR model for learning design, why it works and experience it for yourself
  • Gain practical and creative ways to include the principles in your design and delivery
  • Apply what you learn immediately and see the impact on learners and transfer.  


You'll cover the essentials of evidence-based learning design, and apply them to a project of your own.

01. Get ready for GEAR

In this module, you'll:

Meet the GEAR model for designing learning for transfer
Discover how to create the best state for learning
Plan how you’ll influence your learner's state
Beat the forgetting curve
Stellar Labs GEAR model

02. Guide

In this module...

Work with the brain to help create desirable difficulty  
Discover how to avoid cognitive overload
Create and use your own guide to help learners absorb information
Make your learning stick
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03. Experiment

In this module...

Unleash your creativity and experiment  
Use a framework to help you design ways for learners to experiment
Plan for appealing to multiple intelligences
Recall and feedback to improve your memory
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04. Apply & retain

In this module...

Explore the science of behaviour change
Eat your OATS to support memory and application
Plan which memory triggers you’ll apply  
Ensure you retain your own knowledge
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The road to mastery

Real mastery of a skill takes time.

Ongoing nudges to help transfer your new skills into the workplace
Join a 45 minute group coaching clinic with a Stellar Labs learning scientist
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What to expect

At Stellar Labs we walk the walk. No gimmicks, no tricks – just training at its finest.

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7 hours of deep learning

Blended online learning, work-based actions, spaced repetition and resources you can use immediately.

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More than content

We want to help you build new skills, not just knowledge. The programme has been designed to do just that. To gain value you’ll need to engage with a mentor, reflect, recall and take action.

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Group coaching clinic

Get feedback, advice and answers to your questions in a 45-minute group coaching clinic with a Stellar Labs learning scientist.

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A platform design for skills transfer

This online programme stands out from the crowd. Complete, update and track your progress with our platform, while you stretch your skills and improve outcomes.

Your facilitator

Senior Learning Specialist

Tina Harris

Tina has over a decade of experience designing and delivering the highest quality learning programmes.

She’s a Fellow of ITOL and a Learning Transfer certified trainer.
Tina has trained thousands of trainers, leaders and managers to develop others and improve performance.

I can only recommend booking a course from Stellar Labs to whoever works in L&D. It doesn't matter if you are a live facilitator or not. Knowing how the brain works is fundamental knowledge for everyone in this field. I wish I could offer something like that to Vinted's learners myself!

Francesca Pasqui
Instructional designer and E-learning developer

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€199 pp

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This includes:
4 modules of self-directed online learning
A 45-minute group coaching clinic
Spaced repetition so that your new knowledge sticks
Work-based actions to help you apply what you learn
6 months access to the content via the Stellar Labs platform
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