Measure Learning Impact

Learning data is your golden ticket to amplify learning impact. On this programme you’ll gain the skills and confidence to measure impact and optimise for transfer.

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L&D professionals of all levels

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Approx 4 hours, self-paced

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Blended asynchronous learning + one group coaching clinic

The Stellar Labs framework make’s sure you don't just teach what you know but also transfer knowledge and apply learning.

Patrick Coomans
Tsundoku Ventures

The programme

Learning data is powerful. But it can also be overwhelming and distracting.

On this programme you will:

  • Map the key questions to ask to measure learning impact the right way
  • Discover and apply an evidence-based approach to your learning measurement challenge
  • Revise and amplify your current approach to measurement


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Spot the monster

In this module...

  • Why measuring the impact of learning is crucial
  • Key questions before you can start measuring the impact of learning in a coherent and evidence-based way
  • The 3 elements that will leverage and amplify learning transfer
  • What is Programmatic Assessment and what value does it bring?
  • What is Constructive Alignment and why is it key?
  • What is ‘CICO’?
  • How to gear up your design?  
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Tame the monster

In this module...

  • Why objective setting is key!
  • How to set objectives the right way
  • ROI or ROL and why this difference matters
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The Road to Mastery

Real mastery of a skill takes time. We'll continue to nudge and prompt you to transfer your new knowledge and skills into the workplace.

This programme includes a 45-minute group coaching clinic with a Stellar Labs learning scientist. You can book this at any time during your journey, based on your needs and questions.

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What to expect

At Stellar Labs we walk the walk. No gimmicks, no tricks – just training at its finest.

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4 hours of deep learning

Blended online learning, work-based actions, spaced repetition, and resources you can use immediately.

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More than content

We want to help you build new skills, not just knowledge. The programme has been designed to do just that. To gain value you’ll need to engage with a mentor, reflect, recall and take action.

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Group coaching clinic

Get feedback, advice and answers to your questions in a 45-minute group coaching clinic with a Stellar Labs learning scientist.

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A platform design for skills transfer

This online programme stands out from the crowd. Complete, update and track your progress with our platform, while you stretch your skills and improve outcomes.

Your facilitator

Senior Learning Specialist

Jaan Couvreur

Jaan has been working in the wondrous world of Learning & Development for the past 15 years, because he believes that ‘the ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage for all companies!’

As learning consultant, he designed and managed numerous in-house (blended) development learning solutions, mainly on topics as personal development, sales, customer centricity and leadership... always with that creativity spice added to the blend!

A curious mind with a keen focus on people and a burning passion for the learning craftsmanship and science…

I can only recommend booking a course from Stellar Labs to whoever works in L&D. It doesn't matter if you are a live facilitator or not. Knowing how the brain works is fundamental knowledge for everyone in this field. I wish I could offer something like that to Vinted's learners myself!

Francesca Pasqui
Instructional designer and E-learning developer

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€397 per person

Price Excl. VAT

This includes:

  • 2 modules of self-directed online learning
  • A 45-minute group coaching clinic
  • Spaced repetition so that knowledge sticks
  • Work-based actions to help you apply what you learn
  • 6 months access to the content via the Stellar Labs platform

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