Neuroscience for Learning Transfer

In this programme you'll learn what the brain really needs to go from knowing - to doing, and gain the skills to build it into your strategy.

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L&D leaders

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Cohort-based, blended learning

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4 hrs over 2 weeks, plus a 1-month review

The Neuroscience for Learning Transfer programme by Stellar Labs elevated my approach to learning. The exceptional platform design, coupled with small nudges and spaced repetitions, empowered me to make lasting changes in my work. Highly recommended!

Seda Aydin
Process Learning Designer
AB Tetra Pak

Build skills, not just knowledge

Only around 15 per cent of training results in skills applied on the job. How does your organisation compare?

Discover how you can evaluate transfer and what you can do to boost it.

You will:

  • Explore neuroscience principles for learning transfer
  • Evaluate learning transfer in your organisation
  • Plan two improvements to boost transfer in your organisation
  • Be equipped to get stakeholder buy-in to your next steps


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From the brain to the workplace

Foundation learning (15 minutes)

Acquire the essentials of how the brain works and how to transfer knowledge to skills on the job before the workshop.

Online workshop (1h)

An intensive, interactive session led by Stella. You'll evaluate transfer in your organisation and leave with clear next steps.

Follow up your work based actions (35 minutes)

Acquire the essentials of how the brain works and how to transfer knowledge to skills on the job before the workshop.

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Outsmart the transfer challenges

Foundation learning (15 minutes)

Review last week’s learning and find out about the science of behaviour change.

Online workshop (1h)

A second interactive session with Stella where you’ll identify your biggest transfer challenges and start an action plan for success.

Follow up your work based actions (35 minutes)

Complete your action plan and make a commitment for your next steps.

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Master your skills

This is just the beginning...

Real mastery of a skill takes time and doesn’t magically end after the last workshop. Keep the momentum going and transfer your new skills to the workplace.

Three months of skills transfer (10 to 30 minutes a week)

Get inspired, continue to challenge yourself with more complex actions and measure your progress.

Online transfer roundtable (30 minutes)

Return with new insights after three weeks to share your successes and challenges with your peers.

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What to expect

At Stellar Labs we walk the walk. No gimmicks, no tricks – just training at its finest.

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4 hours of deep learning

2 hours of live online labs over 2 weeks – plus foundation learning, work-based activities, spaced repetition and resources you can use immediately.

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1 month review

We’ll get back together one month after the final live lab, to discuss and troubleshoot challenges.

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Connect with peers

Get insights into the challenges and context of colleagues in other organisations, share stories and expertise with the wider group.

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A platform designed for skills transfer

This digital first course stands out from the crowd. Complete, update and track your progress with our platform, while you stretch your skills and improve outcomes.

Your facilitator

Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer

Stella Collins

Stella is co-founder and CLO at Stellar Labs, author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’, keynote speaker and host of the Mind the Skills Gap podcast.  

With 20+ years' experience consulting, designing and delivering training – Stella knows how to apply neuroscience principles in the real world to deliver ROI.

N.B. Depending on dates this programme may be delivered by one of our other expert Learning Scientists.  

Understanding how we can apply neurosciences to prepare and facilitate training sessions is really life changing. Stella's teachings have forever changed the way I think about training. I am very grateful!

Catarina Ferreira
Global L&D Partner

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Will you be lucky number 7?

Every 7th person to sign up for the June cohort of Neuroscience for Learning Transfer, will get free access to Design for Learning Transfer when it launches in June! ✨

N.B. This offer includes access to the learning journey in our platform but does not include the coaching session. Of course, you're welcome to book one!

Key Dates

June 2023 cohort

  • 15th June – access to foundational learning
  • 22nd June 15.30 CET (1 hour) – online workshop 1
  • 29th June 15.30 CET (1 hour) – online workshop 2
  • 27th July 10.30 or 14.30 CET (30 minutes) – online transfer roundtable

N.B. We will not be recording the live sessions as they are interactive and participatory.

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