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Want to Train Smarter?

In this programme you'll give your training the neuroscience advantage on our in-depth train the trainer programme.

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L&D, trainers, learning designers and SMEs

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14 hrs over 4 weeks, plus a 3-month review

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In-house blended learning in a group of up to 12 people

It was lovely to experience how you switched activities, almost relentlessly, so that we stayed focused and engaged the whole time.

Steven Poelmans
Professor Neuroscience & Strategic Leadership
Antwerp Management School

Become a better trainer

Get equipped with the strategies and techniques to deliver training with impact. On this practical programme you’ll design your next learning journey, deliver it and get feedback from experts and the wider group.

You will:

  • Discover the evidence and science behind effective learning
  • Design a programme aligned with business objectives that will increase learning transfer
  • Use practical frameworks to design for skills and measure your impact


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Your mission

In this module you’ll learn how to give your training real impact from the start:

  • The curious ingredients of effective learning
  • The impact of adopting a learner centred approach
  • The science of learning and working with the brain in mind
  • How to build psychologically safe learning environments
  • Drive motivation and engagement throughout a learning journey
  • Persuade 'difficult delegates' to be enthusiastic advocates
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Prepare for launch

Prevent common training challenges with the science of learning. In this module you will learn to:

  • Plan blended learning journeys for maximum impact and measurable results
  • Apply the GEAR steps to design and deliver great training
  • Prevent cognitive and information overload
  • Attract attention with multi-sensory material
  • Design creative exercises to bring out the best learning
  • Make learning stickier for long-term recall
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Support the transfer of learning in the workplace:

  • Use science to improve the rate of learning transfer
  • Drive motivation, commitment and support to apply learning
  • Identify barriers and support learners to find solutions
  • Embed new knowledge and skills long-term
  • Design to trigger memory
  • Bring it all together and prepare to experiment in the simulator
Experiment in the simulator

Experiment in the simulator

This is your opportunity to put it all into practice:

  • Co-work with your peers to share learning and creative ideas
  • Build your confidence by delivering your ideas
  • Feedforward for future success
  • Reflect, review and build your triggered action plan
  • Identify and overcome barriers to successful transfer
  • Celebrate your new knowledge and skills
Stellar Lans GEAR model

On-going support

For 3 months we will support your progress and development via the platform followed by a live session to

  • Share, celebrate and learn from each other’s successes
  • Reflect on challenges and how you have/will continue to overcome them
  • Consider next steps for ongoing development and impact
  • Award you your certificate!
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What to expect

At Stellar Labs we walk the walk. No gimmicks, no tricks – just training at its finest.

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30 hours of deep learning

14 hours of live online labs over 4 weeks – plus foundation learning, work-based activities, spaced repetition and resources you can use immediately.

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3 months of support

This programme is like no other. We’ll stay by your side, supporting you to put your learning into action and celebrate your success at the 3 month review.

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Mentoring & feedback

Crucial for effective training, your expert mentor and peers will encourage and challenge you to achieve your goals.

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Tailor made for you

This digital first course stands out from the crowd. Complete, update and track your progress with our platform, while you stretch your skills and improve outcomes.

Your facilitator

Senior Learning Specialist

Tina Harris

Tina has over a decade of experience designing and delivering the highest quality learning programmes.

She’s a Fellow of ITOL and a Learning Transfer certified trainer.
Tina has trained thousands of trainers, leaders and managers to develop others and improve performance.

I really enjoyed the program. It’s a fantastic didactical toolbox. Was able to check all my gears. Had to throw some away, acquired new, sharpened others. Tina is a brilliant facilitator.

Carl Jacobs
Training & Development Manager EMEA
Abbot Laboratories

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