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5 steps to future proof your career

Skills for the future, not just for now The idea that your role might be replaced by bots sounds like something from a sci-fi blockbuster. […]

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5 steps to future proof your career
May 6, 2021
5 steps to future proof your career

The idea that your role might be replaced by bots sounds like something from a sci-fi blockbuster. But, as the world around us changes and we embark on the 4th industrial revolution, this is becoming more of a reality. In fact, it’s said that by 2055 half of the work we do today will be automated. This will also bring with it a whole host of new jobs, many of which haven’t been invented yet. So with significant changes in our working world in the coming decades, and the prospect of unknown job roles, how can we future-proof our career, and ensure we have the skills for the future?

The solution lies with changing your mindset. You must be open to change and adopt the soft skills that will enable you to take your current experiences and use them to guide your decision-making process. Here are the 5 steps you should take right now, to future-proof your career:

1. Embrace technology

Whether you are a fan of tech or not, the reality is technology is changing our lives – and it’s here to stay. So to future-proof your career, you must embrace technology. This requires more than accepting technology, but utilising it to your advantage. Learn how to use new software to enhance your skill set – and make you more efficient in your role.

This may mean learning new skills to stay ahead of the curve. But you must act fast. In 2019, the most valued hard skills were said to be cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), analytical reasoning, mobile application development and video production. So if you do not embrace these skills soon, you will fall behind.

2. Be inspired

Personal fulfilment comes from doing what motivates you and nourishes your mind. There are a thousand different ways of staying informed and these range from podcasts and TED talks, to online industry groups and resources. Exploration forms a strong foundation for better learning, which ultimately helps prepare you for future challenges and new situations. If you remain flexible and curious you have a better chance of coming out on top.

3. Stay agile

Developing the skills for the future begins with preparing for and embracing change. It may sound like an old-school tactic but you can probably agree that change is one of the only constants in life. With the fourth industrial revolution looming, it’s clear that humans will still be needed to maximise the utility and workflow of smart machines in future – and you can either choose to avoid this or embrace the change. Navigating the fast-paced world we live in isn’t easy but if you arm yourself with the right skills to face change, such as adaptability and learning agility, new challenges won’t phase you.

4. Learn how to learn

Learning how to learn is paramount in future-proofing your career. Let’s start with an example: Running. Most of us can run. But until we’re taught effective techniques that we start seeing improves and can compete. So why do we not take this mindset to the rest of our lives? Instead, we simply assume we know how to learn. But that’s not absolutely true.

Instead, we need to develop and enhance our skills to ensure we learn effectively. We need to learn how to combat procrastination and life’s distractions to ensure we retain the knowledge we learn. To do this, you must assess your learning agility, and embarking on a journey of coaching and professional guidance is a great way to do this.

5. Develop personal resilience

Last but not least, you must develop your own personal resilience if you want to stay ahead. This skill will not only ensure you handle change in the workplace more effectively, but will also benefit your ability to stay healthy in the modern world. Personal resilience can be developed in a number of ways, from formal learning interventions to self-discovery of your purpose and self-confidence. But however you choose to do it, it’s essential that you do. The fourth industrial revolution will bring with it uncertain times and a lot of change. Coupling this with the recent global pandemic – being resilient and strong against change is paramount for the years ahead.

Are you ready to develop the skills of the future?

Although your inclination may be to embark on a whole host of courses to learn more obvious tech-skills, like coding and web or app development. But here at Stellar Labs, we believe that you should prioritise developing your soft skills that will enable you to adapt and flex to whatever industry 4.0 throws your way. There’s a difference between changing careers and pivoting your skills to be more adaptable in the future. So, what will you choose: pivot or change?

Are you ready to see your learning theory come to life?

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